Cover Texts Bayreuth African Studies 41 - 50

Bayreuth African Studies 41

Robert Debusmann & Stefan Arnold (eds.)
Land Law and Land Ownership in Africa

Land ownership in Cameroon and Tanzania was regulated by German land law up to the end of World War I. The two Mandatory Powers, England and France administrated their League of Nation Mandates according to their legal systems. Although the issues of land use and ownership are essentially the same, French and English land law differed remarkably, and so did the relationship between statutory and costumary land law in both countries.

Key issues like nationalisation or privatisation of land, the commercialisation of land tenure in urban and rural areas are analysed from the legal perspective, but also from the anthropological, geographic or historical perspective.

"...the theoretical issues facilitate a more explicit comparison of British, French, and German Land policy... it theorizes about the relationship between state and society to determine when state policy is effective. The articles in this volume raise these important questions." - Kathryn Firmin-Sellers in Journal of African History 39 (UK, 1998)

Bayreuth African Studies 42

Derek Wright (ed.)
Contemporary African Fiction

Ghana, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone marked their place on the literary map of Africa in the 80s, Nigeria and South Africa opened up a new agenda in prose writing. Critical theories about post-colonialism and post-modernism gave new directions to the criticism of African literatures.

Derek Wright, who has published books on Armah, Soyinka and Farah, brought together an international group of critics to represent current critical views on current writing from Africa.

"Wright's distinguished scholarship guarantees that the contributions are so various, engaging and scholarly" - Anne Collet in New Literature Review (Australia)

"the articles demonstrate the complexity with which African writers relate to changing national landscapes and offer enlightening close reading" - Cecilia Moretti in Review Journal (Australia)

"...these essays are a valuable tool for researchers. In as much as new directions are constantly being given to criticism of African Literature, books such as the present volume help to pave the way toward a clearer understanding of the task at hand" - Robert P. Smith jr. in World Literature Today (USA, Autumn 1998)

Bayreuth African Studies 43

David Kerr
Dance, Media Entertainment and Popular Theatre in South East Africa

David Kerr is the author of African Popular Theatre and one of the most noted critics and practitioners of educative and popular theatre.

In this book, he discusses the role of radio drama, film, and street theatre from Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa in their political and cultural contexts.

"Kerr is writing provocative and thoughtful good sense" - Jane Plastow in African Theatre: Writers and Politics (UK)

Bayreuth African Studies 44

Femi Abodunrin
Blackness - Culture, Ideology, and Discourse

Femi Abodunrin looks at the essence of Blackness and its manifestations in creative writing from the heartland of Africa and from the Caribbean and Brasilian diaspora. Departing from Soyinka's and Henry Louis Gates' myth criticism, he ventures into new fields of critical discourse by merging the trickster concept of the Yoruba deity Esu with the Bahktian concept of the carnivalesque.

His work focuses on Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott and Jorge Arnado.

Bayreuth African Studies 45

Contemporary Nigerian Poetry and the Poetics of Orality

Ezenwa-Ohaeto explores how orality and modes of communication have been modernized and reflected in contemporary Nigerian poetry.

The creative work of the Nigerian poets who came into prominence in the 80s reveal how this presence of orality is signified in subject matter, language and the mechanics of poetry. The concept of orality bears to the functionality of poetry by giving it immediacy with social and political issues.

Bayreuth African Studies 46

Fauz Twaib
The Legal Profession in Tanzania

(Coproduced with Dar-es-Salaam University Press)

The legal profession plays an indispensable role in the operation of Tanzania's law system and its adversarial procedure. Shortcomings in certain areas of the professional regime need to be adressed by the legal profession itself and the authorities.

Legal education, qualification for advocacy, legal ethics, the provision of legal services and legal aid are the issues which are discussed and where suggestions for positive reforms are made.

Bayreuth African Studies 47

Bode Omojola
Nigerian Art Music

(Copublished with Institut de Recherche en Afrique IFRA, University of Ibadan)

Nigerian Art Music is the first comprehensive book-length study of the works of those Nigerian composers, who have been trained in European conservatories and influenced by European classical music. Bode Omojola's research is based on the analysis of more than 500 musical scores, abundant archival material and interviews with the most prominent Nigerian composers. He can thus provide an insightful overview of the historical development of this new musical idiom in Nigeria and Ghana and detailed criticism of individual works.

Written in a refreshing and lucid style and amply illustrated with music examples, the book represents a milestone in musicological research in Nigeria. Although written essentially with a readership of African musical students and scholars in mind, Nigerian Art Music is indispensable for intercultural musicologists.

Bayreuth African Studies 48

Susan Arndt
African Women's Literature: Orature and Intertextuality

Susan Arndt investigates how women authors relate to and antagonize the female tradition of oral narration, how they appropriate and transform this tradition for their own purposes: the voicing of a female world view, independent from the African male or the imperial literary traditions.

"Susan Arndt greift in ihrer verdienstvollen und materialreichen Monographie die Fragestellung auf, wie Afrikas Intellektuelle und Schriftsteller/innen sich mit dem Begriff des Feminismus auseinandersetzen... sie liefert so viel an Auseinandersetzung mit den Texten, um bei Frau und Mann... ein neues Lese- und Erkenntnisinteresse zu wecken." - Literaturnachrichten (Frankfurt, Januar - März 2001)

"African Women's Literature e un'opera che allarga il campo degli studi postcoloniali, sottolineando come l'attenta valutazione di una categoria sinora marginalizzata possa costituire un nuovo elemento da inserire nella rete di intertestualita che e la letterature stessa. Oltre la geografia e oltre il genero, ma prendendo in considerazione entrambi." - Maria Paola Guarducci in Africa (Italy, Dec. 2000)

"African Women's Literature succeeds admirably in its stated aim of an in-depth analysis of the Igbo ifo genre and the writing back of women to the genre, legitimizing the present status of African feminism." - Ada Uzoamaka Azodo in Research in African Literatures (RAL)

Bayreuth African Studies 49

Martin Rohmer
Theatre and Performance in Zimbabwe

The book looks at the country's historical and ideological heritages, theatrical infrastructure, cultural organisations and the resulting styles of theatrical production. The analysis of recent productions illustrates themes, styles, techniques of different theatrical groups, ranging from national pride to protest, from health education to comedy.

"another welcome nail in the coffin of library based criticism of African theatre" - Jane Plastow in African Theatre (UK)

Bayreuth African Studies 50

Yvette Hutchison, Eckhard Breitinger (eds.)
History and Theatre in Africa

(A joint publication with South African Theatre Journal (SATJ) 13, Stellenbosch/SA)

The collection contains essays on 18th century anti-slavery plays, 19th century colonial shows, recent historical plays, operas, musicals from West Africa but also plays related to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC, reports on the Grahamstown and Little Karoo festivals, reviews and a play script by Paul Onovoh/Nigeria.

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