Cover Texts Bayreuth African Studies 11 - 20

Bayreuth African Studies 11

African and Western Legal Systems in Contact

No Cover Text.

T. Akinola Aguda: The Machinery of Justice and the Training and Appointment of Judges in Nigeria

Abdur Rahman I Doi: The Impact of English Law Concepts on the Administration of Islamic Law in Nigeria

B.A. Rwezaura: The Changing Role of the Extended Family in Providing Economic Support for an Individual in Africa

Bayreuth African Studies 12

Ulli Beier
Three Yoruba Artists
(Twins Seven-Seven, Ademola Onibonokuta, Muraina Oyelami)

No Cover Text.

"...a rich source of knowledge on the lives of the artists, the complexity of the Yoruba world and the intricacies of post-colonial Nigerian politics and life.. informed by a remarkable understanding of this background." - Olu Oguibe in West Africa (1989)

Bayreuth African Studies 13

Rainer Vossen
Patterns of Language Knowledge and Language Use in Ngamiland in Botswana

No Cover Text.

Bayreuth African Studies 14

Bernth Lindfors
Kulankula - Interviews with Writers from Malawi and Lesotho

No Cover Text.

Bayreuth African Studies 15

Josef Schmied (ed.)
English in East and Central Africa I

No Cover Text.

Bayreuth African Studies 16

Akin Euba
Essays on Music in Africa I

No Cover Text.

" interesting introduction to the character and scope of popular music and folk opera in Yoruba speaking lands." - Musical Opinion (USA, 1992)

"Euba shows how Arabaic and European music, how foreign styles have challenged traditionalists to create new styles of their own." - Bruce King in Research in African Literature (RAL) (1993)

Essays on Music in Africa II - Intercultural Perspectives

No Cover Text.

Bayreuth African Studies 17

Gudrun Ludwar-Ene (ed.)
New Religious Movements and Society in Nigeria

No Cover Text.

Bayreuth African Studies 18

Josef Schmied (ed.)
Linguistics in the Service of Africa

Contributors to this volume explore Africa's needs and priorities in research and research application in the field of English, sociolinguistic and African languages. They emphasize the interrelation between research on languages and language situations and attitudes in the African context.

This calls for a sociolinguistic approach and a collaboration between specialists in English and African languages from "the South" as well as from "the North".

Bayreuth African Studies 19/20

Koffi Anyinefa
Littérature et Politique en Afrique Noire

The relations and the mutual interdependance of politics and literature are one of the key topics in the critical discourse on African literature in European languages. Koffi Anyinefa focuses his attention on the literary production of one country, the Congolese Republic, formerly Popular Republic of Congo, which is presented as a case study. But it is always made clear that the insights gained from the critical analysis of Congolese literary texts are also valid for many other African countries and literatures.

Anyinefa distinguishes texts according to structural and thematic categories: novels that focus on ideological issues, on political structures, and the personal styles of leadership - novels of dictatorship. Thus, the realities of political problems and governance are viewed in relation to the intellectual responses and the mimetic treatment of these realities by the writers. Politics and literary production are seen as a process of mutual interdependance.

"...a good book - serious, well-documented , filled with informative details, well-written, based on a solid set of references - a book that deserves to be read." - Roger Chemain in Research in African Literature (RAL) (1993)

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