About BASS

Bayreuth African Studies presents essays and monographs on African literature, linguistics, musicology, sociology and religion.

Bayreuth African Studies endeavours to promote cooperation with African research institutions and African scholars. Its publications are an attempt to open up critical dialogue between scholars of the South and the North and, considering the limited facilities for publication in Africa, to provide a platform for critical views from Africa in the first place.

Bayreuth African Studies is an independent publication venture, financed exclusively through sales and adverts. It is not subsidised or sponsored in any way. This is one of the reasons that Bayreuth African Studies has so far not satisfactorily succeeded in bringing the books to where they are most needed: in the libraries of the African universities. The problems, which African universities have in providing for the basic needs of students and researchers are well known. Understocking with critical and scholarly publications is due to lack of funds, lack of foreign exchange, due to soft currency.

What the critics say

"Bayreuth African Studies produces a stream of texts on African cultural issues that few British or American publishers appear able to rival... I wish to applaud the result of the endeavour" - Jane Plastow in African Theatre Playwrights and Politics

"Une collection riche en publications de grande qualité" - Abdourahman Waberi in Hommes & Migration

We need your help

The book famine or the book drought are much talked about. We wish to propose a personal remedial initiative in the form of a book donation to an African university or public library of your choice. For this donation scheme, we offer all titles of Bayreuth African Studies at a 30% discount.

For your book donation, please give the following information:

- name and address of the library
- name of the librarian in charge or the chief librarian (if possible)
- the titles and the number of the copies you wish to donate

After receipt of payment we provide:

- a tax deductable invoice
- shipping of the books free of charge
- a covering letter to the librarian, stating the name and address of the donor

After having received your donation, the librarian will acknowledge receipt in a personal letter to you. If you should wish to enter a subscription on all new titles as a donation for an African university or public library, it is understood that the 30% donation discount will be deducted from the already reduced subscription price.

For further information and orders, please write to:
Eckhard Breitinger, Bayreuth African Studies,
Universität Bayreuth, 95440 Bayreuth, GERMANY
Fax: (0)921-55 3627 or e-mail: eckhard.breitinger@uni-bayreuth.de

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